Registered Racers as of 10/9/19


Cummings, Dayton C2 It's His Fault
Cummings, Dana C2 It's His Fault
Van Eman, Linda C2 Van Eman
Van Eman, Michael C2 Van Eman
Malloy, Michaela C2 Team Malloy
Malloy, Stephen C2 Team Malloy
Sciulara, Heather C2 JR2012
Sciulara, Joe C2 JR2012
Adamowitz, Sofia C2 Holey guacamole
Adamowitz, Stephen C2 Holey guacamole
Zitron, Tiffany C2 Heckle and Jeckle
Notth, Jeffrey C2 Heckle and Jeckle
Bates, Kelly F3 Deceptive 3
Nichols, Lisa F3 Deceptive 3
Lewis, Shawna F3 Deceptive 3
Gasser, Gavin M3 Steele Moose
Zwerling, Steele M3 Steele Moose
Gasser, Nathan M3 Steele Moose
williams, charles MC2 WDQ In it to finish
Bailey, Monette MC2 WDQ In It to Finish
Borie, Dennis MC2 Also In It To Finish, #WDQ
Hamit, Safiya MC2 Also In It To Finish, #WDQ
Hamburger, Tom MM2 Roughnecks
McGough, Shawn MM2 Roughnecks
Kedziora, Richard MM2 Which way ?
Smith, Stephen MM2 Which way ?
Konczynski, Joe MM2 VFW 7172
Konczynski, Joseph MM2 VFW 7172
ERICKSON, FRANCIS MM2 Lost in Churchville
mcgovern, michael MM2 lost in churchville
Richel, Greg MM3 Ridge Red Devils
Richel, Bryan MM3 Ridge Red Devils
Fiorot, Ryan MM3 Ridge Red Devils
Yacenda, Anthony MM3 George
Abersold, George MM3 George
Jackson, Scott MM3 George
Titolo, John SOLO M  
McGough, Thomas SOLO M  
ricketts, sean SOLO M  



Brophy, Alesha C2 Sloooope
Brophy, Craig C2 Sloooope
saurman, Alyssa C2 Alyssa Can't Floss
saurman, zach C2 Alyssa Can't Floss
Utter, Brent C2 Waffle Stomp
Carley, Tamara C2 Waffle Stomp
Grigoryev, Isa C2 Couch Potatoes
Grigoryev, Dmitriy C2 Couch Potatoes
Anglelone, DJ C2 Soggy Bottom Boys Racing
angelone, Bonnie C2  
Hetrick, Jen C3 Lamprey Systems/St Luke’s Hospital
Bays, Jeffrey C3 Lamprey Systems/St Luke’s Hospital
Hetrick, Jeff C3 Lamprey Systems/St Luke’s Hospital
Adams, Jeremy MM2 Turd Burglars
Bushnell, Nate MM2 Turd Burglars
Freitag, Sean M2 Polaris
Karamatsoukas, John M2 Polaris
Szilier, Trevor M2 Mommy Thinks We’re Fishing
Szilier, Dan M2 Mommy Thinks We’re Fishing
Saunders, Kate M2 Saunders Speed Racers
Saunders, Sean M2 Saunders Speed Racers
Casp, Justin M2 Howza Compass Work?
Gedney, Dave M2 Howza Compass Work?
Serrano, Jose M2 Going nowhere fast
Vignapiano, Andrew M2 Going nowhere fast
Waite, Joel M3 Hopelessly Disoriented
Baniewicz, Christopher M3 Hopelessly Disoriented
Phillips, Sean M3 Hopelessly Disoriented
Alimansky, Ben M3 Team All In
Liggett, Jon M3 Team All In
Skawinski, Marek M3 Team All In
Beck, Michael M3 Trust The Compass
Randt, Kristian M3 Trust The Compass
Krefski, Jared M3 Trust The Compass
conrad, brenda MC3 Bad Ass Mother Fathers
Maus, Russell MC3 Bad Ass Mother Fathers
conrad, barry MC3 Bad Ass Mother Fathers
Fegley, Teri MF2 Not Fast Just Furious
Clark, Shirley MF2 Not Fast Just Furious
DeHaven, Carrie MF3 Blood, Sweat, & Gears
Meyer, Stephanie MF3 Blood, Sweat, & Gears
Abramson, Jennifer MF3 Blood Sweat and Gears
Hodgman, Todd MM2 Lost Again
Sevinsky, Kevin MM2 Lost Again
Mattis, Drew MM2 Fustanella
Mattis, Ross MM2 Fustanella
Freund, Jerrod MM2 Bitz-n-Freund
Bitzer, Jesse MM2 Bitz-n-Freund
Leventer, Marvin MM2 Don't follow us we're lost too
Plotkin, Jeffrey MM2 Don't follow us we're lost too
King, John MM2 Old guy and me
Tidmore, Chris MM2 Old guy and me
Schrading, Roger MM2 GOALS MastersX2
Schrading, Eric  MM2 GOALS MastersX2
weber, jim MM3 Too Many Kids / Kastle Systems
gruner, erik MM3 Too Many Kids / Kastle Systems
Odonnell, tom MM3 Too Many Kids / Kastle Systems
DeVore, Saleena SOLO F  
Van Norden, Wendy SOLO F  
Hoff, Jess SOLO F  
Driscoll, Nicki SOLO F  
Obara, Chris SOLO M  
Arentsen, David SOLO M  
Allegrezza, Michael SOLO M  
colbeck, Brad SOLO M  
DeJong, Dave SOLO M  
Neely, Jonathan SOLO M  
Donohue, Bill SOLO M  
Ozturk, Serhot SOLO M  
Lewis, Glen SOLO M  






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