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Posted 1/1/15




Race you are looking for a team mate:

Brake the Habit 6 hour March 14

Yellow Creek Xtreme 10 hour April 25

Equinox Traverse 48hour May 22-24

Cradle of Liberty 24hr June 20

Raid in France 4 day expedition race 16-20 September


Race goals: Looking to expand our roster of teammates for Summit Adventure Racing/Team Commie Bar for the 2015 season.  We invite all levels of racers and both male and female to inquire about racing with us in 2015.  We are always needing racers to fill out the roster for the many races we compete in. 


Strengths you bring to the team: Slog master


Anything else you want to add: In 2015 we will race the majority of the NAARS series and we are also preparing for our first World Series race (Raid in France). 



Posted Fall 2014

Name: Janet Penner

E-mail address: hikergirljanet@verizon.net

Race you are looking for a team mate: Any in 2015

Race goals: Mostly want to have fun, finish the race (and not come in dead last)

Strengths you bring to the team: I'm slow, but have great endurance -- generally the longer the race, the better. (My best placing was in a 40 mile trail event.) Like to have fun. My weak spot will likely be biking.

Anything else you want to add: I'm open to racing with anyone (young/old; M/F -- the group I did Tough Mudder with was all young men).  I'm a 50yo female, if you are looking for someone for a Master's team.  Might do these solo, but I think it would be more fun with a team.


Alex Brown

E-mail address: alexb170@gmail.com

Race you are looking for a team mate: Have not picked a race yet, brand new to the sport. Planning to find a race that's predominantly running, hiking, kayaking/canoeing.

Race goals: Complete the race in the top 25%. I'd say higher but for my first one Ill settle for that.

Strengths you bring to the team: Division 1 wrestler in college so I understand and enjoy working with a team. I trail run, backpack (nav skills), kayak.

Anything else you want to add: Although a newbie I'm a competitive person and want to find a good team who is likeminded. I live in TX but will travel.


Name:  Ted Kiefer

 E-mail address:  Rivendellnursery@msn.com 
 Race you are looking for a team mate:  Any upcoming races in 2014. 
 Race goals:  Doing my best, learning skills and having fun. 
 Strengths you bring to the team:  I completed Corsica Raid 2014. Good all around. 
 Anything else you want to add:  I live in South Jersey but ride in Wissahickon once or twice a week. Looking for teammates as well as people to train with.







Name: Brendan Croney

E-mail address: BCCroney@yahoo.com

Race you are looking for a team mate: 6-12 Hour Races. Maybe a 24 in 2013?

Race goals: I'd like to find a teammate interested in becoming
competitive in coming seasons. For 2012, I just want to get more experience under my belt.

Strengths you bring to the team:

I'm competitive, but I race to have fun. Navigation. 
I (trail) run and mountain bike. 
I just fake it on the paddling legs. 
Anything else you want to add:I'm open to racing with old timers, young folk, guys or
gals. I'm 25 (2012) if any AARP members want to hit the master's category :)

I'm currently in South-Central PA, but I frequent the SE.  



Name: Eric Korn  Epkorn79@yahoo.com

Race you are looking for a team mate: The savage

Race goals: To get the best time but have fun doing it

Strengths you bring to the team: Motivitation, competitive spirit

Anything else you want to add: Im not interested in finishing first. Just looking for
someone who is willing to be my team mate. I am perfectly willing to do it on
my own, but I figured doing it with someone else is cool.



Erica Rigby:  ericarigby@hotmail.com
I am a brand new beginner. I bike ride, but not mountain biking, but obviously am willing. I run half marathons and road/trail bike for fun. At this point I am interested in participating and finishing races. I appreciate the help finding a partner! Hi. I'm from Baltimore and really interested in AR. I would really like a partner from the Baltimore Area. If you're interested or know someone who might be let me know.


Fritz Lowrey: fritz_lowrey@yahoo.com
Is there anyone in greater SE PA or Wilmington, DE in my FB friends network who wants to partner up for one or more adventure races this year? I'm doing the "Savage" in April and may do the "Edge" in October, between then and now are several sprint events in the DE park system, tonso' mud runs, and Tough Mudders in the fall. Lemme know.


Doug Sevon: DSevon@dow.com

I'm looking to make the move up from 6 and 12 hour races and try my first 24 hour race, but need a teammate. I bring tons of navigating experience as I'm a very active member of the Delaware Valley Orientering Association and have been running the advanced courses for
the past several years. I have simple race goals: have fun and finish the race course.