2012 Team GOALS ARA

National Rankings
2nd place, USARA
2nd place, ECARS
5th place, Checkpoint Tracker

March 3: GMARA’s Frigid Infliction-10 hours
6th place co-ed/10th overall (Abby, Brent and Tracey)

March 17: Kando Adventures’ Swamp Fox-12 hours
1st place co-ed/overall (Abby, Brent and Chris)

March 24: Start 2 Finish’s Natchez Trace Adventure Race-12 hours
2nd place co-ed/overall (Abby, Brent and JP Bordeleau)

April 21: Rev3 Epic-26 hours
3rd place co-ed/4th overall (Abby, Brent, Bruce, and Jeremy)

April 29: GOALS ARA’s Savage -6 hours
1st co-ed/2nd overall (Bruce, Chris, and Ann Lombardi)

May 5: American Adventure Sports’ Yough Xtreme-10 hours
2nd place co-ed/9th overall (Abby, Brent, and Brian Komoroski)

May 19: NYARA’s Longest Day-24 hours
1st place co-ed, overall (tie) (Abby, Brent, Brian Reiss and Joel Ford)

June 2: GOALS ARA’s Cradle of Liberty-24 hours,
3rd place co-ed, 4th overall (Brian, Jonathan and Melissa Rice)
2nd male two, tie 8th overall (Chris and Bruce Kuo)
1st all female, 14th overall (Sue and Denise Mast as Honey Badgers)

June 20: Untamed New England-4 days
10th place premier/tied 11th overall (Abby, Brent, JP Bordeleau, and Mark Lattanzi)
Jonathan raced with NYARA

June 23: Delmarva’s SCAR Adventure Race-12 hours
1st place co-ed/overall (Bruce, Chris and Melissa)

July 13: American Adventure Sports’ Equinox Traverse-48 hours
4th place co-ed (Bruce, Chris, Laurie Stewart and Bill Donohue)

July 21: Greenridge Adventure Challenge-12 hours
3rd place co-ed/4th overall (Ann, Brent and Tim)

July 28: GOALS ARA’s Krista Griesacker Memorial Race-12 hours
2nd place co-ed/3rd overall (Abby, Bruce, and Jon)

August: American Adventure Sports’ Lionheart-24 hours
4th place coed (Ann, Bill Donohue and Jim Ziminski)

August 20-24: Adidas-Terrex Sting in Stirling-5 days
11th place (Abby, Brent, Mark Lattanzi and Thor Egerton)

September 15: ECARS Championship-18 hours
2nd place coed, tie (Abby, Brent, Brian)

October 5: American Adventure Sports’ Blackbeard-8 hours
1st place coed/overall (Brent, Bruce, and Melissa)

October 12: USARA’s National Championship-3o hours
10th place coed/13th overall (Abby, Brent, Brian)
6th place Masters/19th overall (Bruce, Jon, and Jen Shultis)
17th coed/30th overall (Chris and Melissa with Bill Donohue as Haines Street Hustlers)
Ann with Cumberland Trail Connection/ARMD







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